Saturday, May 2, 2009

May Day

Friday May 1st

CC adores pretty flowers. I found her in the garden working so diligently watering everything in sight. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that she need not water dandelions since they were weeds. She beamed with happiness when she told me that the bright yellow flowers were her favorite. Every now and then she’d put down her watering can and pick a white fluffy dandelion. One..two..three she would count then with a giant puff she'd blow the seed pods into the wind. Happy, happy May Day.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Boo Hoo

Friday April 24th

Nighttime can be ghastly, as we all know, but particularly for a little child who finds herself in new surroundings. Last night I tucked CC into her nice, soft bed situated in the top drawer of my bedside table. She was sound asleep before I knew it. In the wee hours of the morning, however, I heard barely audible whimpers interspersed with sobs. My sweet angel was awake and forlorn. So I lifted her out of bed asking “What’s bothering you little one?” Through giant heaving sobs she told me there was a scary monster under her bed. “Oh, don’t fret about it honey. We’ll watch my favorite movie about funny monsters that make children laugh. It’s called ‘Monsters Incorporated and there is a little girl in the movie who reminds me of you – her name is Boo.” She watched wide-eyed as Sulley, Myke and Boo learned that scary monsters were no good and that it is much better to laugh and have fun together. Before putting the little angel back to bed, I propped a stuffed Sulley and Myke next to her bed to protect her from scary monsters

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tea for Two

Thursday April 23rd

This morning we meandered down a park path observing the wildlife. During the chilly stroll, CC would hop out of my hands and run helter skelter after birds and squirrels. She especially loved the chirping robins swooping overhead. I told her that the mommy robins were scolding us and trying to keep us at bay in an effort to protect their nests. She was a little miffed that she couldn’t catch one to bring home to show LooLoo. Well of course, I couldn’t go into the relationship between cats and birds at that very instant as it could be quite disturbing. Though, needless to say, I was secretly relieved that she didn’t catch any. When we returned home, we had some nice warm cups of cinnamon tea. CC talked incessantly about birds. “Do they sing because they’re happy? Can they fly because they have wings or because they have feathers? Do they drink tea to warm up from the cold?” There were numerous profound questions requiring prompt replies. Finally, I gave her a giant squeeze to quiet her little tongue and said “Oh you’re such a smart little girl - and not much larger than a robin yourself”. At that she giggled and chirped her way through teatime.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Rose is a Rose

Wednesday April 22nd

What a dear, sweet girl she is. I woke this morning to a lovely fragrance and there CC was presenting me with a beautiful red rose. She said “thank you for being my mama”. Well, I could have died right there and then with such joy in my heart. We hugged and I told her that we needed to bottle up our happiness and share it with others. “How about building a special blog?” I asked her. She answered “Yes, I’d like a dog”. “No dear one” I said “a blog – Loo Loo wouldn’t like a dog”. She grinned with delight and sorted through her new wardrobe finding the perrrrrfect sweater to wear. “I love LooLoo” she mumbled pulling on her sweater. So here we are creating CC’s blog. What shall we call it I thought to myself? In the background I could hear my sweetie chanting “CC is for Cecilia”. Well, by golly that’s it isn’t it?!

CC Meets Ms LooLoo

Tuesday April 21st

We went to the kitchen for a nice breakfast of cereal and toast. I told CC we have a cat and her name is Ms LooLoo. It was important for CC to know that our cat is not terribly friendly and does not care much for people. As soon as she spotted the cat she threw her arms into the air and flew across the room landing smack on LooLoo’s back. I was dumbfounded and feared LooLoo would toss her across the room, but to my amazement she sat quietly resting. I can only conjecture that Ms LooLoo might have thought dear CC was like her little kittens - impulsive, warm and fluffy.

Welcome Home CC

Monday April 20th

There was a teeny rapping on the door and stepping through the tulips was a bitty little thing not much larger than Thumbelina. It was a wet and dreary day so she arrived wearing a robins-egg blue raincoat and carrying a pink suitcase. Suddenly the day was sunny once again. For here was my new little girl, Cecilia Ppo Ppo. “May I call you CC for short?” I asked. She squealed with joy and yelled “CC....CC....CC”. I told her that “si” in Spanish means “yes” and that “CC” sounds like “yes yes”. Well she was delighted and went hopping throughout the foyer reiterating her nickname. Shortly she appeared somewhat tired so we had a bit of tea and cookies then I trotted her off to bed. Before settling in for the night I presented her with her very own lavender teddy bear who had been waiting patiently for the little darling.